Charli Maclyn Beveridge

I sent this colorful quilt to my Granddaughter who has just become a Mother to her Charli. Baby is having some health issues, but she’s getting through her struggles. This quilt is large enough that her momma can curl up with it when she needs to feel close to her baby to become stronger. The quilt is 52×64” top pieced with cotton fabric, backing is a soft fleece. Quilting was done by me as well in a floral pattern.

Courtney Ivy Beveridge one week before Charli Macwas born.

I am SEW proud of where I work Part -Time

This is because I have a store owner of 3 stores. He has reached out to local hospitals and clinics to see what we can do to help them. Knowing that masks are a much needed product for the healthcare community, he has been able to acquire the products that would work best to make masks.

Those products are coming in to our stores by the dozens. Today we were able to have 5 of our customers cut, sew and produced 141 masks, just in our Sahuarita AZ store of Cathey’s Sew and Vac. During this week alone our store has made more than 700 masks, thanks to those in the community that are pitching in to make these masks.

Sneak Peek at the beginning of the Seashell Vortex quilt

This is just the first of the quilt blocks and the final will be shown 2021 on the cruise I will teach on April 9-19, 2021.

The Zentangle Teacher in me, loves reshaping and having colors and shapes that are interesting. This is not paper piecing, but you will always have those perfect points when you sew the block. There are techniques that I have found that help and I want to share them with you.

Seashell Vortex

Happy Student

My neighbor wanted to learn to quilt so we found a pattern she liked and began the teaching and learning. We started February 2019 and yesterday she finally completed the quilt binding. It was so much fun to try and get dates convenient for each of us, but each of our sessions gave her more confidence.

As an instructor it is very rewarding to see the student not just learn but smile through the learning period. She often said to me “Do you think I can really do this?”

Once the top was completed I did the quilting for her and yesterday she had the binding lesson. She’ll be taking the quilt to one of her lucky grandchildren.

Great job Patti Bailey Withers!

Quilting Cruise

You may have always wanted to go on a cruise. Well now is your chance to enjoy cruising and on Sea Days having a quilting class. You will come home with a unique quilt top especially designed for this cruise. It has not been published and won’t be until after the cruise. When we are in Port you can enjoy the beauty, nature, and history of the destinations we visit. I am attaching a link to this so that you can get more information.

Open the website, look for the cruise to Mexican Riviera. The cruise is April 9-19, 2021- next year so you have plenty of time to start making payments. Travel Adventures by Michelle is the owner of the travel agency that is coordinating the group you can even register there.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I make all the mistakes, so when you take a class from me, you won’t have to!
On a cruise ship

I began my Love of Quilting in 2007. I have sewn all my life, only made utility quilts as a young mother to keep children warm. Surprisingly enough, some of those quilts are still in homes of Grandchildren. When I started to quilt using the new tools, updated wonderful fabrics I thought I must have died and gone to heaven- it was such a joy to see my creativity come to life. I know that my teachers, mentors, friends and family were probably worn out from my desire to do and learn. MORE. But they all managed to live through my wild ideas.

My Passion is Quilting and Tangling. As a Certified Sulky teacher and a Certified Zentangle Teacher I have been lucky enough to have many students and taught in various venues. Quilt Guilds are a great place to share my talent and my style. I try to combine some form of Zentangle work into each quilt. After all – A pattern is a Pattern- you can do it with pen and paper or with fabric.

I will attempt to give some tips and tricks I have learned over the years with you in these blog settings, and I am attempting to see about linking my old blogspot this new site.

Please feel free to contact me at or thru the “contact” section seen above.